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Proposal: The Executive Board should apply to the Electoral Commission to request that the party name should be changed from "Five Star Direct Democracy Party" to "Independents for Direct Democracy".

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To analyse the population demographics of areas within the United Kingdom by geographic region, use this link to access mapping on which the last national census information has been overlaid: census data. 

Sick of the corruption in our representative democracies? You are not alone.

💷 Economy
April 2021

The 2008 crash still badly affects us today and was largely caused by big banking houses packaging rotten mortgages into financial “products”. This industrial-level scam was aided by “respected” rating agencies and the “mainstream” media, both dependent upon the bank scammers for revenue. Even worse, politicians also depended on the too-big-to-fail banksters for their “contributions” (pay-offs), so we have had the pockets of our grandchildren dipped into to keep the bonuses of the high-rollers flowing - as is their right, apparently.

🧮 Education
April 2021

Education – Blair might as well have said “Indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination” – as that is what we seem to be getting. From pre-school to post-grad, the system appears to be steered by educators and profs with a woke agenda and a seeming hatred of our history and our ancestors. Their aim is control, by undermining the family and tradition, and imposing climate and transgender agendas over the heads of the electorate, all without public scrutiny.

🦅 Liberty
April 2021

The daily news brings us more and more instances of Britons being abused by the authorities for enjoying liberties we used to employ without sanction. We now live in a very different nation, that of the surveillance state. It is not only the political class and their henchmen in blue who are busy destroying ancient freedoms: the corporate oligarchy is also beavering away defunding YouTube sites, and “disappearing” Facebook pages, all with little or no warning.

We will start by condemning the fraudulent presentation of crime statistics by the authorities in most western nations. The Police are now under political and management pressure to minimise the numbers of incident reports that they record, thus reducing crime statistics and enhancing clear-up rates. Evidence to this effect comes from many quarters, and at the end of this section we quote from an experienced UK-based observer in support of our claims. Even with this systemic fiddle, the figures demonstrate startling increases in violent crime and the unwonted interference by the Police in our liberties and ancient rights, a danger to the fabric of our democracies.

We want to replace failed representative democracy with direct democracy. In so doing, we believe that the following objects will be attained.

Countries have turned in on themselves during Covid-19. It is alarming the extent to which people now seem to fear their Governments and so many have been silenced into submission.