5 Star Values - Our Priorities

Following Through on Brexit

The imposition of any law in Britain that is held by any foreign judiciary is constitutionally illegal under the still-extant Bill of Rights that states that, ‘No foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath, or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority within this realm.’

We will continue to push for a genuine Brexit and fully restored sovereignty.


We will campaign tirelessly for those who have served our country to be afforded the dignity and care they deserve. We will campaign against spurious legal action being taken against our soldiers.

5 Star will work to put our veterans’ skills to good use in the public sector and with the training and education of our young people.

Direct Democracy

Gone are the days when we sent an MP for three days by horse to parliament to make decisions on our behalf. We now have the means to guarantee real government by consent.

We want to give the British people a direct say on how they are governed, and the decisions that affect their lives.

Our Constitution & Rule of Law

5 Star will defend our monarchy, our ancient constitution, and will promote the uncompromising Rule of Law.

There will be one law for all, with no parallel legal systems allowed to operate. The law shall be applied equally and never play second fiddle to political correctness.

We believe in the permanent indivisibility of the Union.

Liberty of Conscience

5 Star will be broadly libertarian in character, and will campaign fearlessly to uphold the rights of free speech and liberty of conscience to say and think anything that is not seditious and does not incite violence.

We will defend the autonomy of the family unit and the right of parents to raise their children in accordance with their own consciences.

Defence of the Realm

Ahead of all else, government’s primary duty is the defence of the realm. Our government is failing Britain miserably in this regard.

5 Star will resist attempts to create a European Army and press for an expansion of our military to levels that last existed in 1980.

Helping Those in Need

As well as helping our veterans, a 5 Star government would prioritise our welfare system to help the elderly, disabled, and those in genuine need, with various mutual benefit programmes and other initiatives where veterans can be employed to help. We will always be a voice for the most vulnerable in our society, including those that work hard on low incomes.

We will fight to maintain the integrity and autonomy of the family.

Low Taxation

The state should be small, efficient and unassertive, affording low taxation and earning the trust and respect of the people. There should be no taxation without representation. 5 Star asserts that the greatest degree of democratic representation in spending decisions is to be achieved with Direct Democracy.

Our Customs & Culture

Everyone entering this country to live should undertake to respect and honour our national identity and values as a condition of their residence. Our national curriculum should require students be taught the elementary principles of democratic government and the constitutionally accorded rights and liberties that belong to every British citizen.

We will fight to preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage.

A Coherent Health Policy

5 Star will campaign for a coherent health policy that focuses on prevention rather than just cure. We will put to work our veterans in helping the youth get fit, and will encourage a healthy, active society.

We want health to feature in every policy portfolio, from transport, to education.

Controlling Our Borders

We believe in a controlled immigration system with work permits given to those with skills we need. We also would use this data to inform our education system of what skills we’re desperately lacking. Under a 5 Star government an approved list of countries from which we are willing to accept asylum seekers would be created, by consultation with appropriately qualified security experts and the consent of the British people.

Illegal immigration is a criminal offence and would be dealt with as such.

Education for the Skills We Need

Britain’s education system is skewed towards academia and there’s no logical justification for this. Around 50% of graduates work in jobs that do not require degrees and a more realistic reflection of the proportion of jobs required to be filled by university graduates will be closer to 25% than the government’s present target of 50%. We will drive the agenda to provide help to young people with interest and ability in running businesses or in pursuing a trade.

A 5 Star government will ensure that every youth leaving education will be equipped to apply directly for a job or else create one for themselves.