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Data is no longer captured from readers in the main part of our website.

As from January 2019, the Democrats and Veterans website no longer uses a MySQL database or any means of capturing, encrypting or storing data in any location where it is not directly accessible and editable by the website user.

Data is inputted indirectly via this form in two ways:

  1. Into the forms that appear throughout this site
  2. Into posts and comments on DV Connect

Removing Form Data

Each time you complete a form, a copy of the data you input is sent to your email address. You are able to see the data that we hold about you within that email. If you wish to delete the email within our system that you entered, simply click on the link in this email that says "Edit Response" and change all your responses to an underscore ("_") excet for the email address, which should be changed to "".

This action on your part will delete the corresponding form data that we hold about you. If you have completed multiple forms, you should repeat this process individually for each form you have submitted to us.

Removing Data Inputted into DV Connect

From January 2019 we no longer use a MySQL database or any means of capturing, encrypting and storing data in a form that is not directly accessible by the inputter. To see any data you have inputted visit your DV Connect profile page and follow the links to your content. Any data you delete is immediately deleted from our system and will no longer be held by us.

What To Do if You Believe We Hold Other Data About You

If you believe that we hold data about you that you have submitted to us by another means, please complete the Data Deletion Request form below. On receipt of this form we will aim to delete any data we have received for you within 7 days.

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