Another Snap General Election?

Stand for Us

There are 7 Remainer MPs in Parliament who won so narrowly in the last General Election, that a party gaining just 400 votes from them would have kept them out of Parliament. So, by standing for the Democrats and Veterans, you could actually be help to save your country from the return to foreign control that Team Blair are committed to achieving in their attempts to reverse the Brexit vote.

The Democrats and Veterans are committed to fighting to regain our independence and completely restore our rights to self-determination. It is only with these rights returned we can exit the treacherous Common Agriculture and Fisheries Policies and regain access to our God-given life-sustaining natural resources and end our EU-contrived dependency on weaker nations in Europe.

A weak showing of serious, pro-Brexit candidates across the country will result in, at best, Brexit-in-name-only, and at worst, a total reneging on the government’s present claimed commitment to exiting the EU.

Our First Focus is Brexit

Achieving a genuine Brexit must be our principal initial focus. And the only way to ensure this is to work together tirelessly to displace as many Remain-voting MPs from Westminster as possible. For this to happen we need two things: funding (£500 per candidate) to cover our deposits, and a pool of great Parliamentary candidates from which to choose our Champions of the People.

If you love Britain and care deeply about our future, and are able to commit a decent amount of time to some serious campaigning – some public meetings; possible local media appearances; ideally, home-made videos to share on the Internet; a regularly updated blog – then we’d love to hear from you.

There are no academic or professional qualifications needed to be a candidate. All we require is that candidates have a genuine heart for the people of our country, are willing to serve in a spirit of humility and good humour and that they agree with the values and aims expressed in our Party Constitution.

We Need You

If you want to serve, but are unsure if you’re suitable, rather take the plunge and get in touch. You’re not committed until you’ve signed your name on the Electoral Commission’s paperwork.