Our Aims

We are a party made up of ordinary men and women, both civilian and ex-forces, who love this country, and who are willing to prove their love for it with our service and dedication.

We, like many in the UK, have grown tired of self-serving political careerists. We’re tired of seeing a country that many fought, died and worked hard to defend and prosper being callously mistreated by a degenerate political class who have no concept of service, duty or patriotism and who are growingly morally deficient.

We believe we must take their ‘toy’ away before they break it. Unlike them, we view Britain not as some object or area on the map, but as our home. We view our fellow countrymen not as pawns or walking GDP figures, but as our family. A good person defends, cares for and serves their family. They clean, protect and keep their home in good order. We believe the majority of Britons feel the same way.

We therefore believe it’s the British People, not our self-serving elite, who are best placed to make decisions. We have already mentioned Direct Democracy. Gone are the days when we sent an MP for several days by horse to Parliament to make decisions on our behalf. Now, in the 21st century, we have the means easily to guarantee real government by consent.

5 Star have a plan to implement this system across Britain. It’s a plan based on bringing decent, patriotic people who want to serve their country together. It’s a plan based on serving local communities and those ignored by the people who are meant to serve them. It’s a plan that has a healthy distrust of the mainstream media, and instead aims to use our own methods to distribute information. It’s a plan based on using the technologies at our disposal to gauge what people really want – what they feel is in Britain’s best interests.

We believe that the outworking of our plan will demonstrate the democratic disconnect we suffer in Britain. In carrying out this plan, we will demonstrate there is a need and an appetite for change in how we (and hopefully many other countries in Europe and across the world) do politics.

In bringing about that change, we hope to make Britain once again a fully independent, strong, free, righteous and prosperous nation state.