5 Star Direct Democracy Party

Welcome! We're an apolitical organisation, dedicated to replacing the failed system of so-called "representative" democracy - a system that ignores the will of the people and transfers nations' wealth to a privileged few - with a system of genuine democracy, direct democracy, in which the sovereignty and control of a country's future is transferred to the people, where it belongs.

The many are more incorruptible than the few.
Aristotle, 350 BC
Representative Democracy - No Control
Direct Democracy - Full Control

How to Join the Fight

You don't need to wait for the next election. You can begin the process of becoming the government today, if your desire is genuine and you're sufficiently motivated.

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We Need to Change Politics for Good

Western democracies only pretend to be democracies. We are told that because we get to choose our representatives this means that anything they decide for us once they have been elected, must be democratic. But the reality is different: politicians only feign an interest in what we want for the few weeks during the run-up to an election. However, once in office they ignore us and instead take their orders from vested interests.

While our purpose is to bring about Direct Democracy in western "democracies", our motivation to effect this change is our love for freedom and fairness and our unwillingness to do nothing while a corrupt political class abuses its position of trust to enrich their cronies at the expense of national prosperity, security and heritage.

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What We Want - Our Five "Stars"

5 Star believes that the following issues are close to the heart of every responsible citizen and we are confident that once effected, Direct Democracy will bring about the changes our democracies need - primarily in the following areas:

⭐ Political Reform 👉

  • This is our raison d'etre and the only viable route to everything else that fair-minded people everywhere want. 5 Star exists to bring about the replacement of "Representative Democracy" (effectively, Plutocracy) with Direct Democracy. Without this change we will continue to have a tiny number of easily corrupted representatives pretending to serve the people, while actually always looking to please an elite few that offers them wealth, position and privilege.

⭐ Law & Order 👉

  • We believe the people want sensible immigration controls and to ensure their nation's immigration policies benefit the people, not Big Business.
  • Criminals no longer fear the consequences of their wrongdoing. In some towns and cities law-abiding people no longer feel safe. Prisons are not an effective deterrent. There is no sense of justice being done, crimes being effectively punished, or acts of extreme evil being expiated. We want consultation with the people on finding more effective deterrents and making the punishment fit the crime.

We seek to uphold and promote knowledge of national constitutions, and wish to work with other organisations committed to this important work. Democracy Defined is one such group with interest in the UK. Download, print and share their important recent leaflet on why trial by jury is so important to democracy in the UK, and should be equally important to any Common Law jurisdiction worldwide👇

Download leaflet 📥

⭐ Liberty 👉

  • Guarantee freedom of speech, conscience and right of assembly.
  • Guarantee the individual's autonomy over his or her own body.
  • Hold national referenda on whether heads of state should face public inquiries or impeachment for imposing ineffective, economically and societally destructive lockdowns in their response to COVID-19.

⭐ Education 👉

  • End indoctrination of young people in our schools, colleges and universities. Replace emphasis on climate change and transgender propaganda with numeracy, literacy and employability.

⭐ Economy 👉

  • Direct Democracy asks the people what they want to do with their own money and will end plutocratic cronyism and capitalistic corruption at local and national government levels.
  • Direct Democracy will promote fairness for all in society and will stop foreign mega-corporations hiding profits and avoiding taxes, by the introduction of a fair turnover tax on trans-national businesses.
🗳️ What is DD? 👉

I agree with your message. What can I do to help?

First off, we're not actually interested in party politics. So, you don't need to join any particular political party or leave your current party (if you have one) - unless you decide to stand for election and don't want to stand as an Independent.

Technically, we're committed to bringing party politics to an end, ultimately. But in the meantime, activists may decide to use existing political parties as efficient vehicles for getting themselves elected.

We Need to Start Winning Elections

The only way to replace Representative Democracy (RD) with Direct Democracy (DD) is to either start getting DD candidates elected to their national parliaments or assemblies, or by convincing serving representatives to implement Direct Democracy within their constituencies.

We are confident that once the people see how DD operates in the first constituencies where it's implemented and how it shifts power from our largely despised political class to the people, neighbouring constituencies are going to want DD too. And it's going to spread like wildfire until a majority of government are independent DD candidates and we have a sufficient majority to change the law and implement DD in perpetuity - like in Switzerland! 🇨🇭

So, one of the best things you can do is to either help us get a DD candidate elected either at local council or national level - either by standing yourself or identifying someone locally who has the right qualities, and persuading them to stand; or by lobbying your local senator, Member of Congress or Parliament, to implement a Direct Democracy voting system within their constituency.

Could you Stand for Election?

Are you ready to be a champion of the people? Can you get yourself selected as the candidate of a political party that's likely to win in the area where you live? Can you learn to speak the "language" of this party and resonate with its electorate? The particular policy platform that whichever party you stand for asks you to stand on, is almost irrelevant - provide it doesn't grate with your conscience. Once elected, you'll hand over power to your electorate and ensure the people, not the party leaders or vested interests, control you.

How We Start the Revolution

Option 1 - Lobby Your Representatives for Direct Democracy 

  1. Contact us and let us know where you live.
  2. We will research proposed target incumbents within reach of where you live.
  3. You will canvass and grow support locally for Direct Democracy.
  4. We will strategise with you on how best to leverage this local support to apply pressure to and persuade the elected representative to embrace Direct Democracy as a policy platform and to pledge to be recalled if he or she fails to implement Direct Democracy locally once elected.
  5. If necessary, we will monitor the performance of the elected representative and will work with you to identify and promote an alternative candidate to replace the failed candidate by invoking their pledge for recall.

Option 2 - Get Yourself Elected

This option is likely only viable if you have not previously stood as a candidate for a minor party.

  1. Contact us and let us know where you live.
  2. We'll then research and advise you on which party to join and seat to contest to maximise your chances of election.
  3. You will grow support for Direct Democracy locally.  
  4. You will join the target party together with your recruited DD supporters who will work with us to help you get selected for that party.
  5. We will network more widely to support your election campaign by leveraging support from DD activists willing to travel to your constituency.
  6. You will get elected to office.
  7. Once elected, you will implement DD in your constituency and continue to push for this innovation to be progressed to national level.
  8. You will work with other elected DD representatives and leverage media to grow support nationally for DD.
  9. We will continue to work together to identify, recruit and train DD candidates nationwide, help them get elected, and ultimately, replace the government with elected officials committed to legislating for DD to replace Representative Democracy.

What if I get elected and my conscience ever compels me to contradict my electorate?

That's incredibly unlikely to happen, because in spite of anti-democratic, condescending, mainstream propaganda, while the public are not all saints, they're infinitely more moral, sensible and socially and fiscally responsible than our wayward political class.

But in the extremely unlikely event that this ever happens, you'll need to make a public statement that you've encountered a life-and-death issue so important to you that it trumps your belief in democracy, and that your final act as an elected representative is going to be to vote against the people and according to your conscience and that you fully expect to be recalled by your electorate.

You'll probably lose your seat, but if you've got an absolutely compelling and noble reason for going against the people, you might have earned the people's respect and they might hang onto you.

I have no experience. How can I get elected?

You don't need experience. Required qualifications are only the following:

  • You must genuinely care for the people and about what you're doing
  • You must sincerely believe in the innate common sense and decency of the people
  • You must strongly oppose the ideology of élitism
  • You must have the conviction that the people, not élites, should be sovereign
  • You must be thick-skinned
  • You must be willing to work hard
  • You must be capable of freeing-up plenty of spare time
  • You must be a reliable and good and communicator
  • You must be loyal
  • You must not have any unspent criminal convictions

If you hold these qualification, you are ready to get started. You'll need to create a new branch or chapter so you can meet together regularly with people of like-mind, and benefit from the wider experience, knowledge and wisdom of the members of your ever-growing local group. You'll need to ask for their support in canvassing, delivering leaflets, manning action days in your local city, towns and villages, convincing local land owners to display your Correx boards, and planning and executing useful and attention-grabbing actions to arrest the interest of local media.

If you want something doneask a busy person.
Benjamin Franklin

So, if you've got the confidence, the passion, and the commitment to do all of this, and you don't have too distasteful an assortment of skeletons in your closet, then nothing should hold you back. You have the means.

Indeed, once you've seen the light, once you've identified the simple fact that DD is the only political means to safeguard all that is valuable in your nation, if you can feasibly carve a few hours out of your busy schedule each week, than arguably, you don't really have a choice in the matter: it's your duty to act, and to not delay.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke (and JFK)

Okay, so if I stand as a candidate and succeed, how does that help the national mission? How do we become the government?

As you do what you do in your constituency, you will inevitably meet good people in neighbouring constituencies who respect what you're doing and will want to be a part of it. You need to help us identify good candidates in local constituencies who you can guide to replicate your work in their constituencies and get themselves elected to government.

Similarly, others around the country will be following a similar path. Look at this graphic for a national plan to be executed in the UK 👇. The DD candidate's work of engaging the people and handing them sovereignty will convince respective electorates around the country that a DD candidate should replace the current incumbent at the next election - if he or she is not themselves willing to embrace Direct Democracy.

Act in every instance as though you already had it, and you will have it.
Aristotle - in his Nicomachean Ethics

Direct Democracy - The Plan for the UK

Get the D's

We want all clear thinking, non-élitists to promote Direct Democracy. Again, we don't need you to leave your current party, if you have one. And you don't need to join a party either, in order to promote DD. If you believe in DD, want to help us spread the message - either as a non-activist who is simply willing to answer the odd question from intelligent people you meet, or as an activist or candidate - then the best place to start is by getting the D's.

By wearing the double chevron ("the D's") you show solidarity with all fellow DD advocates around the world. We wear the D's in white on black, or in black on white. We don't use any colours (except reflective metallics) because colours are associated with party politics. While debates and arguments are always conducted in shades of grey, at the end of the day, DD always condenses down to binary choices, yes or no, black or white.

We don't sell merchandise and there's nothing 5 Star does as an organisation that makes profit. We're only about spreading the word and getting truly independent candidates elected. So, we encourage you to order your own branded gear. Here's an example 👇 that's all ready to go, but you can get something much cheaper if you upload your own graphic of the D's in high resolution for a printer.

📥 D's in black 📥 D's in white

Best to right click the button 👆 and choose "Save link as..."

Get the D's

To analyse the population demographics of areas within the United Kingdom by geographic region, use this link to access mapping on which the last national census information has been overlaid: census data. 

Sick of the corruption in our representative democracies? You are not alone.

💷 Economy
April 2021

The 2008 crash still badly affects us today and was largely caused by big banking houses packaging rotten mortgages into financial “products”. This industrial-level scam was aided by “respected” rating agencies and the “mainstream” media, both dependent upon the bank scammers for revenue. Even worse, politicians also depended on the too-big-to-fail banksters for their “contributions” (pay-offs), so we have had the pockets of our grandchildren dipped into to keep the bonuses of the high-rollers flowing - as is their right, apparently.

🧮 Education
April 2021

Education – Blair might as well have said “Indoctrination, indoctrination, indoctrination” – as that is what we seem to be getting. From pre-school to post-grad, the system appears to be steered by educators and profs with a woke agenda and a seeming hatred of our history and our ancestors. Their aim is control, by undermining the family and tradition, and imposing climate and transgender agendas over the heads of the electorate, all without public scrutiny.

🦅 Liberty
April 2021

The daily news brings us more and more instances of Britons being abused by the authorities for enjoying liberties we used to employ without sanction. We now live in a very different nation, that of the surveillance state. It is not only the political class and their henchmen in blue who are busy destroying ancient freedoms: the corporate oligarchy is also beavering away defunding YouTube sites, and “disappearing” Facebook pages, all with little or no warning.

We will start by condemning the fraudulent presentation of crime statistics by the authorities in most western nations. The Police are now under political and management pressure to minimise the numbers of incident reports that they record, thus reducing crime statistics and enhancing clear-up rates. Evidence to this effect comes from many quarters, and at the end of this section we quote from an experienced UK-based observer in support of our claims. Even with this systemic fiddle, the figures demonstrate startling increases in violent crime and the unwonted interference by the Police in our liberties and ancient rights, a danger to the fabric of our democracies.

We want to replace failed representative democracy with direct democracy. In so doing, we believe that the following objects will be attained.

Countries have turned in on themselves during Covid-19. It is alarming the extent to which people now seem to fear their Governments and so many have been silenced into submission.