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What we stand for:

Direct Democracy - Freedom - Independence - Fairness - Sustainability

"If the people are not utterly degraded, although individually they may be worse judges than those who have special knowledge, as a body they are as good or better… The many are more incorruptible than the few." Aristotle, 350 BC.
What is Direct Democracy  

1. Achieving a Truly Democratic United Kingdom

We want to return power to the people. Britain is the world's oldest parliamentary democracy, and yet successive governments break manifesto promises and pass laws the people don't want and never voted for - all under the pretense that they don't know of a better way of representing the will of the people. They continue to use methods that were necessary in the 17th century when the best way of moving information was on the back of a horse.

Wherever you empower us to do so with your vote, 5 Star will ensure that every MP, AM, and local councillor is put under the direct control of their constituents. And when we replace Britain's failed, outmoded, so-called Representative Democracy with a Direct Democracy, our public servants will answer to their voters, not vice versa. The political class will be made never again to forget that it is the people who are our politicians' masters, and it is the people who must forever hold and retain control over Britain's future.

2. Regaining a Truly Free United Kingdom

Brits are not cowards; we must never give up our liberty for the promise of safety. An age-old trick in countries with weak, docile populations is for those who control the flow of information to tell the people they're under threat by some invisible group or entity, and to watch while the people voluntarily go to the most unexpected lengths to support the government of the day - often blithely giving away their ancient rights and freedoms and gifting the government with far more powers and control than should ever be acceptable in a democracy. It happened in Nero's Rome, it happened in Europe in the 1930's, and it's happening again right now throughout the world in 2020.

In many ways Britain is now not very discernibly different from C0mmun1st Ch1na. Street preachers are being arrested for sharing their faith; those who express an opinion that offends a closed-minded or mentally delicate person are in some instances being arrested and charged with a thought crime. People's social media accounts are being suspended when they question the state-promoted version of events they read about in mainstream media.

5 Star will campaign to liberate Britain from this dangerously totalitarian trend towards thought control and forced docility. We will campaign to prevent all fascist state incursions that militate against individual liberty and the dignity of the person, including mandatory forced vaccinations, mandatory use of biometrically controlled financial transactions, and location tracking of Britons that have not been convicted of any crime.

3. Becoming a Truly Independent, Self-Reliant Nation

5 Star will legislate for Britain to be capable of defending, feeding, and fuelling ourselves, and growing our own economy - with no reliance on foreign entities that operate outside the auspices of British democratic control. Foreign trade should enhance and enrich our nation's lifestyle and economy, but should not be a necessity to be used as leverage to undermine control of our own money and laws.

Britain is blessed with a defensible island; fertile lands; a good climate for agriculture; talented pioneers and entrepreneurs; a diligent work force; and landscapes and historical edifices that are attractive to tourists. Britain has all it needs to be independent and self-reliant.

5 Star will look to steer away Parliament from its inordinate bias towards trade with Europe and will open the UK to trade with the world - negotiating trading terms that advantage domestic production and minimise the cost of imports of goods we have no interest in producing ourselves, while implementing graded, labelled production standards that allow consumers to make informed choices for themselves.

5 Star will promote Britain's energy independence, with a national open-source information campaign and local referenda on energy options that utilise nationally available energy sources that negate our current necessity to bankroll undemocratic regimes in the Middle East that are avowed enemies of Britain's allies.

4. Becoming a Fairer, Meritocratic Nation

Company tax. Faster than ever, we are seeing the decimation of small and medium-sized British businesses, while offshore-incorporated mega-corporations capture all the market share being lost by these small companies. Multi-billion dollar companies are operating deliberately low-profit subsidiaries in Britain that are created as separate legal entities to their offshore parent companies so as to effectively pay little or no corporation tax in Britain, while British businesses pay 19%. Since profit margins are typically 13-17% of turnover, current legislation forces British-owned companies to price themselves out of the market while foreign giants blossom.

Once elected, 5 Star will change unpatriotic legislation that sends UK-originating profits abroad and favours offshore incorporations over our British-owned companies. While actively working to reduce the size of government and our civil service and streamlining regulations - all of which will result in lower taxation generally - 5 Star will ensure that companies pay tax at the same effective rate by implementing an industry-standardised turnover tax for large businesses, while giving SME's the option to choose between paying turnover tax or tax on profits.

Bailouts. In Britain profits are privatised while losses are socialised. When big banks and companies look likely to fail it is we, the tax payers who bail them out. And yet, when large companies profit, there is no benefit to the UK tax payer. 5 Star will get rid of these double standards: if big companies want a socialised safety net, they must accept part-public ownership and the British tax-payer must benefit from their gains. If they want to go it alone and retain their profits, they alone must suffer the consequences when they fail, and their directors must be subject to the same strictures that we impose on small business owners when they declare bankruptcy.

Council tax. Notwithstanding the substantial reduction in bin collections and an increase in recycling throughout Britain, council tax continues to rise. We are getting less service and paying more for it. 5 Star will legislate for a 'Band 0' council tax band for net zero energy homes; and Police and Crime Commissioner rates that are correlated to citizen-ranked performance feedbank on response and follow-up to crime reports. Similarly, the Commissioner's salary will be performance related as ranked by the public. Additionally, we will implement council tax rebates for workers contributing to congestion and pollution reduction.

5. Becoming a Sustainable Nation

Growth - Debt - Environment

Growth. 5 Star will reinvigorate our trading relationships with the Commonwealth and self-declared underperforming economies that are asset-rich but expertise-poor. There is a great deal of untapped mineral potential throughout the world and a reasonable and just share of profits from publicly approved operations that realise these resources could see Britain surpassing India, Germany and Japan to become the third largest economy in the world. Countries suffer poverty and social unrest while sitting on resources that they lack the capital injection and / or experise to mine. 5 Star will negotiate with heads of state in these countries to hold local referenda within these host countries for British public-private partnerships to be invited on 30-50 year mining leases - ensuring transparent distribution of profits and royalties and equitable benefit to the host country and Britain.

Debt. With a knee-jerk reaction to a health challenge that need not have brought national economies to a grinding halt, in just three months in 2020, the government has increased our debt to GDP ratio from 85% to around 115%. More than £1 of our taxes is now spent paying banks interest on our national debt, for every £2 that goes to the NHS. This soon-to-be-unaffordable debt and the printing of money and continuing injection of funds into our money supply is unsustainable and immoral. It results in a massive increase in the cost of living - plunging the poor into unmanageable debt with little prospect of escape.

If Britain's gold reserves matched our current money supply (our "M4" money supply was £2.6 trillion in March 2020) we'd need to increase our gold reserves to be five times that of the USA, or to 31% of all the world's gold in circulation - a completely impossible undertaking. As a safeguard against future loss of sovereignty and control of our national resources in the event of default on our national debt, 5 Star will promote an initial target to acquire 5,900 tonnes of gold and a permanent target ratio of 1:10 of gold reserves to our total money supply. Our current ratio is 1:190.

Our Environment. 5 Star's constitution promotes incentivisation, not coercion. To reduce crowding, pollution and road congestion, we will argue for a 'Band 0' council tax band, interest-free 5 year government loans, and 6-week fast-tracked planning permission decisions for net zero energy homes.

For those living in Band A-H homes we will introduce council tax rebates and promote a Sustainable Business scheme. Employers signing up to the scheme must facilitate pro-sustainability measures and will be able to display Sustainable Business badges on websites and premises. Employees of qualifying businesses walking or cycling to work will earn rebates on their council tax.

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